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low price (sm)

Posted by Pam on Fri, Aug 13 2021 at 02:23 PM CDT:

In Reply to: What is everyone's electric bill with this heat? posted by sm on Fri, Aug 13 2021 at 01:37 PM CDT:

We keep it on 78 all summer; no going up and down (which adds to cost). That temp is mutually agreed to (nd took some time to get there).

We each have a fan on the headboard of the bed. DH has his on all the time, mine is for hot flashes. We also have a floor fan that blows towards the "computer corner", which is likely the hottest spot in the house. Without the fan DH will be visibly sweating; with it on he is fine.

You guys need to talk about this. It is a serious enough issue to warrant serious discussion! Some compromise has to happen since you are miserable.

If price was a huge issue then you would have to adapt, but it sounds like you can afford a few degrees. Perhaps a fan and a degree or two lower? Is there something you can "trade" if it is all about cost for him? You can't work well if you are thinking about how hot you are, so likely if you were more comfortable your production would go up (covering the cost).

And they say it should be cooler to sleep, so you definitely need a bit cooler at night for your comfort. If you aren't sleeping well your health will suffer. I have a twin-size blanket that I pull on when I get cold, which leaves his side with just the regular covers so I'm not cooking him. If your DH gets too cold with a temp change that might help.

Other thoughts: We have an Innomax waterbed. It is a new design, kind of expensive but still way, way less than the fancy beds I see advertised. It has 2 heaters, one for each side. I love that I can warm myself and it doesn't change his side at all. (Also, he can roll around and get up and down and I don't feel a thing).

I also use Chillow Pillows. It helps draw the heat from my head, caused by miserable hot flashes. Then I got a second one that is under my back. When I am cool it doesn't do a thing, but when I am hot it pulls off the heat.

The floor fan we use blows on our backs. I used to have a fan on the desk that blew in our face. That was annoying to feel and also I didn't like the noise. Having the breeze from the back seems to work better for us.

When my body is miserable with major hormone rushes I use an ice pack. It is right next to me on the bed and I just put one wrist on it and it helps cool me down. Then I go back to sleep and probably move my arm so it doesn't get frost bite. I occasionally will put the ice pack on my low back while at the computer, some for pain and also it cools me.

I hope something I offered helps a bit. My biggest hope is your DH is willing to listen to you ... doesn't he know that saying "Happy Wife, Happy Life" ??

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