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We all have different metabolisms. I tried that high protein

Posted by thing once and was totally miserable. I absolutely need sm on Fri, Aug 06 2021 at 07:02 PM CDT:

In Reply to: I have always been a carb-aholic & sugar-aholic. My PCP told me to STOP (sm) posted by BG on Fri, Aug 06 2021 at 03:20 PM CDT:

some carbs in my diet to metabolize the fats and protein and keep my energy up. Ketosis is not for me.

I do not, however, need added sugar and keep my total intake of that below 2T a day, often well below. (I've had none in anything today and don't crave any.)

And the carbs I do eat, grain, bread, cereal, or pasta, are ALL whole grains or starchy veggies and whole fruits. They digest far more slowly than refined starches let alone added sugars, and bring along a lot of good nutrition packaged in their bran and germ.

People in the Mediterranean do not go without carbs. Heck, the Mediterranean civilizations probably were the inventors of yeast breads, although it was as wholegrain sourdough bread. Almost the only peoples that traditionally ate a diet almost entirely without carbs are the Inuit and related Arctic peoples, and they have specific genetic adaptations to their high fat/protein diet, equivalent to the lactose tolerance gene in Northern European and Masai dairying peoples. If you're Inuit, ditch all carbs. If you're not, I'd suggest taking more of middle path and trying to eat reasonable amounts of only whole-grain carbs/those naturally in whole foods, avoiding refined flours/starches and keeping a sharp eye out for added sugar (if you don't cook all your meals from scratch, you'll discover sugar under one name or another has been snuck into almost everything these days and/or has greatly increased in amount used in everything).

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