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Word hates me! (sm)

Posted by Pam on Sat, Jul 03 2021 at 09:48 PM CDT:

In Reply to: Word will let you record a macro of what you are doing on the keyboard posted by if that helps you, although it sounds like you may need your helper for that. sm on Sat, Jul 03 2021 at 06:53 PM CDT:

I really do remember how to write a macro, but in Word it has to be keyboard, just keyboard. Anything you have to "mouse click" does not work inside the macro.

I found all the keyboard shortcuts that might help me and wrote them down, and used them to "write" the macro.

And I made a lovely Autocorrect for my blue checkmark. That works fine if I type "bck ".

But Word won't expand that AutoCorrect inside the macro, and after that it stops and won't go further to do the commands after it.

So I get the "bck" typed in, and that is the end. It stops right there. It doesn't expand to make the checkmark and doesn't do the "line down, move 2 spaces left". My opinion -- Word is just mean!!

I know it isn't a big deal to click a few times, but it was just so easy before. And I want it to be like before. I can make notes (which I have) to do things that are new, but that means I have to read those notes for each thing (every time, as I cannot seem to learn them). It is SO frustrating. My brain damage is a mess but I am dealing with it in my daily life. I have notes for everything -- taking meds, feeding pets, chores in the house ...) Yet when I sit down at the computer it really hurts my feelings. I used to be the one that everyone came to --- on MT Daily and working with Instant Text, I was THE expert. If you needed something, I could do it for you. And now here I sit and I can't make a darn checkmark and move it to the next line.

It is So So sad to be going through this. But thank you for listening. Someone offered me a suggestion that my person will try out when she gets back. Otherwise I might just shoot this darn computer! FYI - Elvis once shot a TV screen because he didn't like what what happening on a show he was watching!! Yeah Elvis!!

And now I shall go in for a nap. I love retirement -- naps anytime, early or late. I wake up when I want, be it 7 am or 2 am. And in my house I have enough cats that someone is always there to calm me!

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