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thanks (sm)

Posted by Pamela R McCarville on Sat, Jul 03 2021 at 01:29 PM CDT:

In Reply to: AutoCorrect does not do macros. Most you can manage posted by with AutoCorrect is a formatted entry. If that doesn't handle what you want, sm on Sat, Jul 03 2021 at 12:18 PM CDT:

I was able to do a formatted AutoCorrect entry to insert a blue check mark. However, I would really like to have that check mark, then move down to the next line, then back 2 spaces. Then I could just click on the Toolbar icon. Word doesn't think I need to do all that at once.

I know how to write macros (or at least I used to) but I cannot get it to expand the AutoCorrect when the macro runs. From what I have searched that just doesn't happen in Word.
I was an expert in Word Perfect - which let you do what you wanted to do, not like Word that does what it thinks you should do.

I have a brain injury so learning new things is very hard, maybe impossible for me. I can barely read (I still understand most words but my concentration is low and my short term memory is worthless ... sit next to me at a bar and I will re-introduce myself when I come back from the bathroom. A few weeks ago I forgot my own name, so I had to ask DH and then I started crying).

The problem with this new computer is that things are different, and since I cannot learn new things I am in a bad way. I lost a lot in my accident, but what is still there is just fine. I have just a few files that I really need (banking, budget and such, that I wrote for myself years and years ago in WP and filePro) and I remember how to use those files and spreadsheets. I have someone that is working so I can use my old programs on the new computer, but it takes time and right now she is out of town. She first converted them to new formats (such as Excel) but they are just different enough that I can't use them.

I really wanted to just throw away this new computer and have someone build me one that runs old Windows and my old programs. Instead she is setting up a "Partition" to run Windows 7, which will let my old programs work, and DH will be able to use all the "new" stuff. (And we had to buy an external DVD because this computer doesn't have one!!)

Thanks for telling me about "VB". I will have her look into that and maybe she can get me the macros that would make my life easier.

Have a nice holiday weekend ... we are staying home but doing BBQ for ourselves!

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