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last week on "60 Minutes"

Posted by Pam on Sun, Jun 06 2021 at 11:19 PM CDT:

In Reply to: Thank you! I never realized how MANY people have dementia//Alzheimer’s! NM posted by Op on Sun, Jun 06 2021 at 05:02 PM CDT:

Last week they did a revisit of a past show. It was a group of very elderly, willing to be medically followed for years in a clinical study. CNN followed this study for 10 years.

In relation to your worries: One of the men in the study was SO active and SO smart and SO healthy, into his 90s, including still doing Ballroom Dancing. He was a favorite of many who watched the original show and also the researchers. It was sad to hear that he had passed.

And then we were told his autopsy was a huge surprise to those researchers. He passed every mental test, every time, during the years. Yet his autopsy showed brain issues - the worst of any participant === all of the things they expect from Alzheimer disease. Yet NO mental issues at all; not one bit of dementia or otherwise having an issue. They were shocked.

So, maybe we don't know as much as we hope we know. Somehow this this one man had all the "tangles" and otherwise in his brain that seem to confirm Alzheimer. It was very obvious in the autopsy and "suggested" Alzheimer as we currently diagnose -- and yet he was just fine!

So who knows what makes the difference?

I think we have to just "keep the faith" and try to live our best life.

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