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Very heavy heart - need to get this off my chest - sm

Posted by anon on Tue, Apr 13 2021 at 11:44 AM CDT:

Wanted to adopt a dog and finally saw one and asked about it. Next thing I know, long story short, they brought it and it got along with our dog so they said it could stay. I had never seen this dog in person before they brought it. They did call and had a vetting process and I guess thought we were a good match. However, they did not tell me that this dog was probably a lot older than they said and the juvenile cataracts were far worse than they told me and the luxating kneecaps were also very bad. So fortunately we only signed fostering papers, not wanting to sign adoption papers until we knew our dog would be ok.

So by the end of 24 hours, we realized this dog, who was a total love but skittish from probably a rough life thus far, was going to require a lot more care than we were prepared for at this stage in ours lives. Seems like they need an older couple who can love on this dog nonstop and it was unsure of its bearings and followed us constantly. I felt so unsafe with it around stairs in my house and I told them so they said that is fine and they will pick it back up and that happened today.

We are feeling just dreadful about this as maybe she would have adjusted but I feel like they should have been a little more forthcoming about her true status and needs.

My heart just aches as I don't condone this and I feel just awful about the whole situation. I just had to type it out because I can't share this with anyone. I don't want pity, belittlement or bashing. This was just so difficult all the way around. Tried to do the right thing by taking a dog in and in another stage of my life, it would have been fine but at this point, I was very underprepared for this. Can't beat me up more than I am myself. Thanks for letting me unload. Probably won't even come back to read responses as it doesn't matter. Thanks.

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