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I have kind of the same problem.

Posted by (sm) on July 17, 2010 at 12:22:56:

In Reply to: Leftover$ posted by Jess on July 09, 2010 at 17:32:57:

It sucks that they won't eat leftovers because it's much easier to cook something once and then re-heat it or incorporate it into another recipe. But I have the same problem here, so rather than continually throw stuff away, here is what I'm trying to do.

Cook only the amount you will eat in one sitting. For instance, if you buy a package of chicken cutlets, break it up into packages of 3 (1 for each of you). Same for pork chops. If it's steak, cut it in half before you cook it and put the rest in the freezer for another meal. Cook only 3 baked potatoes or 3 portions of whatever startch. Same with veggies - use frozen veggies and remove only enough for what you think the 3 of you will eat at one sitting. For something like mac and cheese, half or quarter the recipe. I know it's a PITA, it is for me too. People should count their blessings they have someone cooking for them, you know?

Good luck, and {{{HUGS}}} to you :)

: Today I threw away the following leftovers:
: General'$ Chicken
: $alsbury $teak
: Roa$t Pork Tendorloin
: Mac & Chee$e
: Roa$t Chicken
: Potatoe$
: Baked Bean$

: The problem (aside the obvious) is nobody likes leftovers; even if I create enchiladas with the chicken and stews or soups with the leftovers, they will not get eaten and thu$, thrown in the garbage. So here's the Catch-22: Because the meal derives from a leftover meal; it's "not fresh"...that is the mindset in this house. I'm saddened by the waste but have declared to my small family that I am done making the Fred Flinstone Dinner...sorry DH...but c'mon! Waste is just waste and I am not just talking about the food. There is the time, travel to and from Publix, prep/cooking, put away leftovers..only to postpone throwing it all away after a few days.

: So, I am rethinking this whole dinner thing and would love simple and healthy foods that can be cooked for 4 people at the most! We're a family of three so cooking for 4 would allow for seconds or just less waste.

: Thanks for reading this vent. Being on a fixed income with dh unemployed and no more Unemployment $ coming in....I don't have it in me physically (I have MS and cannot do much on my feet anymore) to create then reacreate something out of nothing like I used to love to do. Times have certainly changed! And DH seems very disgruntled because he is out in this brutal FL heat looking for any labor work he can grab!

: On another note I would just like to say the participation and awesome recipes posted here are super and I only wish I had the stamina to do the cooking, which I miss.

: Jess

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