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Yes, there is something on the shelves labeled "stock." I have some of the beef in my hand - sm

Posted by Carol Reese on September 30, 2007 at 15:17:28:

In Reply to: Is there any difference between chicken "stock" and posted by chicken broth? (SM) on September 24, 2007 at 11:36:12:

but they also have chicken. It's called Kitchen Basics Natural Beef/Chicken Flavor Cookiing stock. Now that sound like it's just flavored, but it's not. It appears to be all natural. Ingredient list reads:

Beef stock, beef flavor (principally from beef extract), vegetable stocks (carrot, leek, tomato, onion, garlic), sea salt, honey, bay, thyme, pepper.

I buy this because it has no MSG and is lower in sodium than the canned broths or boullion cubes/granules.

I have used all 3 pretty much interchangeably, though I like this stock best. Mostly, since I'm making stew for two instead of 6 or 8, and there's less meat, and I rarely buy a round steak with a bone anymore (if I can even find them), I want the extra flavor. When I do have a pieceo of meat with a bone, I trim it and cut it up for stew, then brown the trimmings and bone separately and simmer those for an hour or so and then add that stock to the stew liquid. (I brown the meat for the stew and start simmering it at the same time.)

It comes in cartons, not cans, and it's usually on the top shelf next to the boullion cubes rather than with the cans of broth. It comes in quarts and 8 oz cartons.

For a chieken casserole that calls for cooked chicken, I prefer to cook the chicken in this than plain water because it does give it more flavor.

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