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Well, there seem to be some inaccuracies in the article (sm)

Posted by Shawn on November 03, 2011 at 00:38:05:

In Reply to: No matter how you turn it around, Halloween is NOT my cup of tea. However, posted by Estelle on October 31, 2011 at 10:50:58:

and it meanders off the subject.

The explanation for Samhain (pronounced by many as "sow-wane") falls flat, IMO.

If the article does attempt to justify Christians celebrating Hallowe'en, it makes a poor, disjointed, rather slap-dash attempt, at best. It seems without any real premise or point to make and actually kinda left me cold.

Frankie Trice beautifully and concisely stated in a post re. Samhain: "...it is the pagan holiday of Samhain, the 3rd and final harvest feast. The 1st feast is Lughnasadh(feast of bread) on August 1, then the Mabon (fall equinox), then Samhain (Halloween) which is the halfway point between Mabon and Yule. According to the mythology, the God dies at Mabon, passes into the Otherworld while the veil is the thinnest on Halloween, and then is born again at Yule (winter solstice)."

Personally, I'll be celebrating Samhain on Sunday in keeping with those who mark the event at Stonehenge, (cuz I'm such an Anglophile and consider myself to be a Celtic reconstructionist pagan-type person, and we're kinda old-testamentish about these things, lol)

But back to Hallowe'en...Here in America it's gotten to be a fun, commercialized way for people to dress up and consume huge amounts of sweet stuff...there's a nod to the so-called tradition and nobody really delves too deeply into what actually is the history of the holiday. It coincides with Samhain, the Celtic New Year, so it all kinda smushes together and the lines are actually blurred as to who is celebrating out-and-out spooks and goblins, who is celebrating "harvest festivals" and who is just tolerating it all in order to avoid the tricks that come for lack of treats. I remember when the big threat was window soaping...later it was TPing (I'm guilty of that) and then later it was swapping everybody's front porch decor with that of the distant neighbors...(I was a victim of that little trick, lol).

I've found it amusing how churches will freely and enthusiastically have their Trick-or-Trunk parties or Harvest Festivals, claiming to disdain anything pagan, yet they're enjoying the very best and most favorite of pagan holidays. Hah.

Did I even remotely address the question? Thanks, Estelle!

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