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Again, there's the matter of semantics and more...

Posted by Shawn on August 30, 2011 at 01:49:19:

In Reply to: I know it's not new, it's more of another surge. sm posted by Estelle on August 29, 2011 at 19:16:57:

What you call a "real friendship with God" many might term something else entirely, finding themselves "in tune with the Universe" and being happy, finding their purpose and their niche in life...

And claiming that it "changes you so much for the better" definitely cries out for the tag "relatively speaking..." IMO, lol. One might ask, "As compared to what/who? Better than what?"

A "real Christian" defined by whose standards?

One's "Good News" does not apply to all...

And there is something particularly malicious about the compilation of scriptures that were sacred to a certain people in a certain place and time, "translating" it so as to be made useful to the western world's monarchs and henchmen, using it to impose and regulate and demand conformity of the people whose lands are desired by the monarchy of the day. There's nothing good about the destruction of hearth and home, forest and farmlands, the loss of life and annihilation of perfectly good people who dared to pause and question or outright disagree with that which was being forced upon them...not to mention those who were gathered together and burned or boiled in their own places of meditation and worship.

I don't see why it's so easy for today's so-called believers in Christ to ignore what happened to those who lived in the pre-Christian times, at the hands of the Christians. Go ahead and say they weren't "real" Christians...oh yeah? The Old Testament is a testament to the same practices, in the name of Jehovah...They killed every living thing, everything that moved, and then excused themselves by claiming that "God" told them to do it. No, I'm not buying that. I didn't buy it back in my childhood days in Sunday School and I'm not buying it now.

What good comes of tearing down and destroying the beliefs of those who have for centuries worshipped and cared for the earth, the sky, the moon, the sun, the stars---by telling them that they're so wrong to do so, they must worship the white man's God (the maker of all of that)... and then the white man God-worshipper proceeds to kill and destroy the planet and that which attempts life upon it?

What??? No, thank you.

Don't talk to me or the millions (dead or alive) who think like me about Good News or Amazing Love.

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