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Times as these have been going on forever. This isn't new-(sm)

Posted by Shawn on August 29, 2011 at 14:40:25:

In Reply to: I think this is a sorrowful state of affairs for Christianity. sm posted by Estelle on August 29, 2011 at 11:32:45:

-in Europe or Great Britain, for that matter. I observed that years ago when I was living in Ireland. It was interesting to me how the Anglican church leadership seemed to run the gamut from Agnosticism to Atheism--with exceptions, of course, and there might be a charismatic here and there.

I said it on a Facebook post--and I've come to believe it's true: Scriptures that applied to the Hebrews and people of Israel for that time and place was picked up and arranged into the Bible-- by King James-- in order to intimidate and weild power over those people who had the real estate he wanted to possess. It's been misapplied throughout the centuries and used as a tool to control others who had been getting along just fine.

This attitude of converting people to Christianity in order to change people's lives (so it suits the one imposing their standard of living upon them) has proven to be more of a negative than a positive, time after time. You take a "you need to get saved" attitude and run with it far enough and long enough, and you end up with the freakin' Inquisition. I'd say that's not a good thing in the first place, then.

That's what's happening in Europe. People are tiring of being treated that way and have obviously lost interest.

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