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Interesting what is coming out now (sm)

Posted by Shawn on July 11, 2011 at 22:18:11:

In Reply to: Thoughts on the Caylee Anthony verdict? posted by ? on July 05, 2011 at 16:59:45:

informationally (how many thousand pages??) that the jurors were denied. I think it's pretty telling, the dynamic with her mother and I can see what was said about the jealousy factor.

My theory leans toward it being an accident, covered up with duct tape and a sticker showing some sorrow and then an anger flare causing her to dump Caylee, then fear causing her to cover it up...the mess left behind causing the smell in the car (if indeed there was such an odor) and her pathological lying, party-girl in denial and without much of a conscience. Her coldness and flat affect during the trial showed her personality disorders, her alligator tears showed her immaturity and tendency to tantrum, she was back and forth. Dysfunctional family? Yes. Her parents are complicit in some way, I just feel that. The extra testimony (100+ people) brought in on this did nothing but muck up the works and cause distractions and was a big stall, IMO.

She'll go on to make some money off this and then go on to be a weird celebrity of a sort. She won't need real friends- she'll have her own type of groupies and live on the fringe of society, IMO. When it suits her, she'll play the bereft, lost and pitiful person who was misunderstood. When it suits her, she'll play the mystery woman. Chances are we'll see her on Reality TV someday....

As for a chance of the Christian rebirth? Not much, as I do believe she's already been given over to that reprobate mind. But if it suits her to play that game, she will, sure as shootin'....until something more bizarre comes along.

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