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Thanks, Estelle!

Posted by Shawn on April 14, 2011 at 16:23:17:

In Reply to: Some quick (lol) answers..... posted by Estelle on April 13, 2011 at 13:34:31:

: 1. I believe that the Bible (KJV, particularly) is God's Word.

: 2. I don't have a problem w/ other civilizations having "older" stories than the Bible. I don't necessarily believe that God's Word "copied" the storeis from other and older civilizations so much as they have simply been recorded later. After all, while God has made Himself known to various people, a few of them in the Bible, He did not establish His people/nation until Abraham.

: 3. I am wholly persuaded that God has had His eye on His Word the entire time. I honestly believe that God indeed preserved His Word as He would have it for us. My perspective is that God is in control, not mankind. With that perspective comes the belief that God gathered certain people together at a certain time to determine the canonization of His Word, and later the English translation of those words. I believe that mankind goes into the project with one idea and God leads them out with a totally different result. I honestly believe that God knew what He was doing in the canonization of His Word (His Words are pure words, and He is capable of preserving them), and that the Director's cuts are just that, Director's cuts. To me, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are completely worthless, but I need to view them differently than someone who believes they are just as important or valid as what is already canonized.

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