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Wow. Who'd have thought that within minutes of finishing this post, I get to test

Posted by some of my own advice. Hah. Easier said than done...Shawn on January 19, 2011 at 16:47:48:

In Reply to: Please see message inside: posted by Shawn on January 19, 2011 at 15:51:10:

: Hello~

: I'm so sorry you're having troubles and are not finding some help and some peace.

: I'm not going to offer platitudes and say something like, "I know how you feel" or "BTDT," when I can't possibly imagine what you might be enduring, but your post makes me sad for you and wish I could offer something tangible that might give you relief.

: Nor will I preach at you. There are those who might tell you that God answers prayer with a 'yes,' a 'no,' an 'I have a better idea,' a 'wait,' etc...and I think in the past I might have half-believed in that sort of philosophy, but not so much any more.

: Hey, but that's *my* feeling, and this is about *your* feeling...

: I hope you have some family or friends who will be there for you. Not so much like those of Job in the Bible, who just wore him even more down and made him feel worse, but rather someone in whom you can rely, someone to lean upon and give you some support.

: If you don't have that, there's just one thing I can say which might sound hollow right now, but maybe later on, you might find a teensy bit of comfort in this somewhat worn-out and overused thought--

: It's often darkest just before the dawn.

: Hang on, there's more....

: My favorite poet says: "Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark." (R. Tagore)

: I'm not telling you that, expecting you to dig up some faith--I'm telling you so you might see it, if and when a sense of light that might ease your pain comes along, given some time. I hope it does.

: Meanwhile, if you're still feeling so low, go ahead and cry, play some really heart-wrenching music that will fill you with emotion and let you experience just what it is you're experiencing, to the fullest, and then, if you can, start to push through it. Do some journaling. See if while you're hurting and questioning there might be some wisdom within yourself that you can tap, and use it for good.

: Or, maybe just reach out to someone who would be blessed by your company and share some time and space. If you're not up for that, then feel free to e-mail us at the above gmail address any time, should you need a cyber shoulder or hug.

: Namaste.

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