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An absolutely fascinating site- Adopt and elephant or rhino- please

Posted by see inside. This is wonderful. Shawn on December 13, 2010 at 16:13:00:

One of our dear Gnosis friends shared some excellent pictures (can't seem to get them up here, darn) and information about what they, as a family, are doing for sweet elephants who have been disadvantaged. I've posted the link to the website and will share some of what was shared with us via gmail:

"We are Three in our home and each of us has fostered an elephant. Most are orphaned due to poaching:

My sometimes stubborn, sulky son chose the sometimes stubborn, sulky Mzima; DH chose the recently saved mired-in-mud Wasin to foster;I chose Ishanga who was orphaned through poaching and survived a lion attack (decades of living force the analogy of surviving a lion attack, lol)."

"The cool thing about elephants is that they are like us as they sulk, have temper tantrums, love and live long 70year lives. The uncool thing is that they are like us and need round-the-clock feeds and nurturing from a mommy and ultimately must become independent to survive. Sometimes they wander for miles breaking open their feet and becoming dehydrated looking for mommy and the herd and quite often they die looking for their families.

Dr. Sheldrick and her group are doing a good thing. If you have the means, please help by donating to this fostering program. Children of any species must be protected."

This is rather timely, in that a FB friend of mine from South Africa has just shared that the law there has evidently made it legal to "breed" lions like cattle in order to provide sports hunters something to hunt. This is done by big game hunting companies who provide "safari" adventures and the hunting is done by helicopter. Also, in other circumstances, old lions who cannot fend for themselves are left off in places where they can't fend for themselves, and the "hunters" are led by their guides to the place where the lion is left, unable to get away, only to be shot as "big game."

Rhinos are being killed for their tusks to be harvested. The same goes for elephants. Poaching is evil, and I believe we, as caring citizens of the world should inform ourselves and do what we can to stop such atrocities.

Thanks to the dear friend who provided us with this link. May we study it and find it in our hearts to do good.

Happy Holidays!

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