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I can understand what you're saying here, I think (sm)

Posted by Shawn ( a bit of a rant) on November 30, 2010 at 22:45:35:

In Reply to: You have all heard me say this before, but posted by Rachael sm on November 30, 2010 at 19:12:05:

probably because I've experienced somewhat of a revolution in my spirituality, in that I'm at the point of being more willing to explore and practice it more out in the open.

Yes, I'm not much for putting God in a box, either. Actually, I believe that we as sentient beings should be open to acting on behalf of the earth and all living things in such a way as to be "godlike."

But speaking of boxes, lol....There are too many types of them out there with big, tacky signs out front declaring their doctrine to be the "Truth."

I never quite bought the traditional Sunday School-type teachings and was always too inquisitive and too apt to ask questions, to push the envelope (something that seems to irritate the helloutta some people-surprise, surprise). I seemed to always ask one ? too many, because inevitably the person who claimed to have the answer would either brush me off or put me off, never quite getting back to me...lol.

As I became more informed re. some of the things about which I'd only had inklings, I was a little better equipped to understand and accept that--guess what??

Ding! We don't have all the answers-yet, but we have a lot of questions that sure as shootin' will be answered, given enough time and appreciation for the Universe and the secrets it holds.

Ya know, I honestly believe there's something wrong, to the point of being dangerous, about a willingness to rely on the word of someone who is so limited in experience and education and focus as to declare himself/herself the source of truth.

Scenario-- This "believer" will want to direct you, the potential convert/believer in such a way as to make you believe that anyone else who tells you something other than what is being preached and taught by their denomination or religious organization is false teaching. Really, now..would you like to put your eternal security and destiny in the hands of someone who received their education in a university and seminary? What if it was a second-rate school? Do you even KNOW where your pastor or teacher got his/her education? What sort of professors taught them? Were they solid and did they believe what you believe? What sort of "grades" were earned...blah, blah, blah....?? So, they're teaching and preaching their doctrine and expecting you to buy it hook, line and sinker...but wait-- what about the doctrine across town, or what about the book you just read about such-n-such that resonates with you...Are you sure it's the gospel truth, approved? In other words, if your pastors/teachers haven't sanctioned it, if it's not of their label, they're very apt to say--do not partake.

And you and I know that people hop from church to church to church to church during their lifetime, because something doesn't mesh as well as it once did, or because someone decided to step on their toes, or there's something more appealing about the church across town, or, or, or...So, who's the last word on the *truth*?

Is it the truth? And if it is, can we be sure it's the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

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