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I think the problem is that you (and others) and I (and still others) do not agree w/

Posted by Estelle on November 30, 2010 at 01:20:31:

In Reply to: Having some fun discussion on Facebook: Jump in! (sm) posted by My comments on God and the world and sin and stuff... Shawn on November 29, 2010 at 16:41:01:

the knowledge base. This same knowledge base gives you exactly what you expect to get out of it, whether truth or folly. You seem to remove man's free will and resultant consequences from the equation in many things. God does interact w/ mankind, but it helps to allow him to dwell in your heart as you go through the every day life here on this earth~~then it becomes more of a personal friendship/relationship rather than a casual and impersonal observation of things.

God does/did not need for mankind to give him personality and physical attributes~~they are presented in the (as I believe) inspired word. Where you see limitation, I see a reach into greater expansion and a greater understanding of ourselves.

Mankind has a limited vision of what is possible with God. Too often we can't wrap our minds around God's ways of thinking and doing things. God is God, and man is man. The Bible's word is so simple to read that a young child can read and understand it, but the depth of wisdom that is in those printed words is an abyssal fountain that would take a million eternities to grasp the revelations revealed in them by the most spiritual men.

He who lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who will give it freely, tho we will still never understand all.

There are answers to many of your questions in the Bible (including why the flood, what happened to past saints, why the chosen people were more nomadic than necessary, etc). Yes, many of those answers often get misinterpreted and practiced away from God's Will but, nevertheless, they are there.

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