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Posted by My comments on God and the world and sin and stuff... Shawn on November 29, 2010 at 16:41:01:

What you say here is interesting. I've heard it a 1000 times before, and still see things a bit differently than you do. Where you say "knows the picture," I say "Is the picture." As I've said before, I don't hold with the "man be...hind the curtain" or outside the universe, but rather "Is the Universe."

IMO, there's too much room for interpretation as to the will of God. Too much of a chance to miss something or get it wrong, or not quite right enough to achieve redemption. There's too much of a chance that someone would not live in the right place or time or circumstance to accept the so-called "gift" of salvation. Too many loopholes, too many cracks through which to fall, too much unexplained.

To impose a personality on what you call God would be to limit God. Speak and there's light, cast it away and all of a sudden there's darkness. Put man and a woman in a garden and then enter the serpent to deceive, attribute plotting and cheating and we have sin, so as to cast man and woman out of the garden....a son is born, only to have him killed. Wait! Raise him from the dead and all who call upon him are saved...What about the millions who have gone before who missed that boat? Back up--speaking of boats.....global flood sent to kill off everybody because of what? Oh, God is p-o'd and regrets all he did in 6 days...?

Wait a minute more, here...How about those people in other places who just happen to have never heard of Jesus, but have their own story about stuff and---huh? They're worshipping someone or something and have just as advanced, if not more of a societal system and sophistication than do those poor folks that can't get across the wilderness in less than 40 years?? (which should have taken them no more than several weeks, btw...)

Well, you get my drift. Not trying to go Mark Twain on ya or anything, but hey, it's been real.See More
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