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I think "fitting in" is something that is needed if one wishes (sm)

Posted by Shawn on November 26, 2010 at 16:32:04:

In Reply to: I see no problem with doing that and I've done it also SM posted by a Scorpio on November 26, 2010 at 13:56:20:

to be able to share ideas, or understand the ideas someone wants to share with you/me.

I've seen people adopt or assume a belief system so as to get close to someone (such as joining a church in order to get closer to someone of the opposite sex).

For instance: My adopted brother decided to leave his own church denomination and attend a church of another denomination in order to get close to the woman who is now his wife. In order to do so, he did take on viewpoints--beliefs, if you will--that were quite different than those which he'd developed over the years. (predestination vs. free will- stuff like that). He opted to get himself baptized by immersion, feeling that his baptism by sprinkling was done at a time when he wasn't as sincere...ohkay, fine.

We as a family didn't question him at all on that. We were pleased as punch that he'd found some great friends and a woman to share his life, were glad that he was happy and settled and had good things going for him....

I share that in order to share this. Once he and his Baptist wife found out that I was planning on sharing MY life with someone whose beliefs didn't align with theirs (but did mine), the wife stopped speaking to me....(we'd been great friends for decades, I thought). My adopted brother had remained friendly (ish) and stayed in touch, somewhat, but just over the last 6 months or so it's come out that they highly questioned and disapproved that I'd live with and marry a Buddhist, yada yada yada...Questioned my lifestyle, felt I was going against everything I'd been taught (not true), and have been highly judgmental and unpleasant about it all.

Excuse me--I haven't changed my position on spiritual matters one iota....I haven't had to give the impression that I believed something in order to get along or get close to someone or keep the peace. But I kinda wish THEY had, come to think of it, LOL!!

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