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I am grappling with a controversy right now concerning "Jesus." sm

Posted by Frankie on November 26, 2010 at 01:48:50:

I know I have a reputation for being very anti-Christian, but that actually is not the case. What is really happening is I am testing those that claim Christianity to see if they are harbingers of genuine truth and if they have anything of value other than being able to recite Scripture.

Now, stay with me here and don't judge me too harshly yet--I just found out what I have been actually doing and trying to find out. Yes, it manifests dysfunctionally because of my background, but knowing the freakology behind behavior is one of the paths to healing.

You are probably going to hate this next part, but bear with me:

I do not believe "Jesus" ever existed, but there are a lot of faiths out that have some concept of "Christ," which is the spirit of the Son of God. Historically, the man Jesus was probably a composite figure put together by the First Council of Nicaea. You have to understand that is what I believe before you can see where I am going with this.

I ultimately believe that "belief" is a choice and there probably is no way for anyone to come up with a way to absolutely know "the truth." I believe it is more important what we are becoming than what we ultimately "believe." None of us can be sure that we are correct in what we believe, but we can see what we are becoming, and we can choose to be otherwise, or at least work on ourselves.

There have been many times when I have wished I could accept the idea of Jesus. I used to without question, but I was very young then, and I accepted everything that came down the tube from our ministry. That method of operating failed me big time.
There was no "Jesus" there for me, and I really was trying to get it right.

I am much older now, and based at least on my my current life lessons, the purpose of this incarnation for me is to learn the importance of relationships. At the rate I am going, maybe in 30 lifetimes I will be able to move on to the next lesson.

Now the question of all the point of the above:

Even though we cannot accept the idea of a historical Jesus, would it be okay to pretend we did just so we could fit in and be accepted?

I have more questions, but I will let you digest that first before I ask the other questions. That would be information overload...

Please don't jump to conclusions here--this is a serious attempt to get some honest feedback.

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