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Thank you!

Posted by nm on November 15, 2010 at 17:21:24:

In Reply to: In books I have read, it is taught among spiritualists that people that pass on... sm posted by Frankie on November 14, 2010 at 17:06:39:

: sometimes have a healing sleep that they go through. This can particularly be so with people that have died of a difficult, longstanding illness and were heavily medicated in this life. I know that my mother did not contact me for more than 10 years after she died, and I despaired being able to contact her.

: Those that have passed on many times contact us via dreams since the subconscious can access the astral plane and often does when we are asleep. Ghost Village forum has a lot on that type of thing.

: You could try some mirror magick. Sit in front of a mirror in a comfortable chair in a very dimly lighted room so that the mirror is largely darkened. Watch the mirror, but let your mind doze so that your subconscious has the dominance. Wait for a sign. Some have encountered those that have passed on. Still others, just a sign of something--one said she experienced seeing a feather lightly falling, which had pertinence to the particular relative she was interested in contacting. I had a dark figure step out of the mirror one time, but it wasn't malevolent--it sat next to me and put its arm around me. I was very comforted by it.

: Hope this helps!

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