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Your restriction of DS's coffee house mtgs w/Scientologists (sm)

Posted by Shawn on November 04, 2010 at 19:00:21:

In Reply to: My family is lapsed Presbyterian but WE ALL posted by sm on October 31, 2010 at 14:55:52:

is possibly due to your suspicion that these gatherings are not of a "benign" nature, and you don't wish DS to be influenced toward that way of thinking, correct?

Perhaps Easyrider's son-in-law perceives the fall festival and such gatherings to be less than benign, or should I say, more than what meets the eye...in that there might be influence of the children to come back for Sunday School-- if they have a good time at the festival, they're apt to want to go back for this or that other sort of event, see what I mean? And this can be exaggerated by the discussions between Easyrider and him on the subject of relgion or faith. He's hypersensitive to it all, as you might be, should your mother (in law) be a Scientologist (or whatever) and be wanting to march your small children off to a "festival," if you'd had similar encounters with her.

Also, the feeling I get from the posts is that there's a degree of tension there and heightened feelings and emotions between the adults, and until that simmers down....

My hope is that the air gets cleared and that all the grownups come to an understanding and be allowed to be who they are-- Easyrider gets to be the adored grandma, the parents of the children get to be equally respected and supported and the kidlets get to be kids without worries as to who they should mind or respect or believe-- in a word, TRUST.

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