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I think we'd better be willing to care for animals whenever we can-

Posted by Shawn on October 11, 2010 at 11:08:52:

In Reply to: I honestly don't know that they would experience a change in spirituality so much posted by Estelle on October 10, 2010 at 18:53:35:

because it's when we see them as of less value than humans, our POV is out of whack.

Everyone knows that the way to teach a child compassion for others is to teach a child compassion for animals. You want to have kids when you grow up? Let's see how you take care of a pet. You think you can do this job as a teen? How were you about feeding and cleaning up after the dog? See what I mean?

A man who beats his dog is just as apt beat his wife and child. Every cop knows that. An abuser and thoughtless person of people will have started down that path by abusing and being uncaring re. animals. How many killers of people started out by killing animals?

I've seen many examples of animals who have way more gumption and way more responsiveness and even evidence of the ability to reason than some people, who are all too quick to talk about "dumb animals." They are the "dumb animal" IMO.

We as human animals are responsible for caring for this planet, and when some humans create situations that cause problems for others, those of us who know and are willing to do better are called upon to "bend over backwards," and we'd better be willing to do it, IMO.

*Do no harm.*

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