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Interesting. And why did the pups mope and sulk until SGTex came home

Posted by from shopping this morning? Now he's home. They're ecstatic!! LOL Shawn on October 11, 2010 at 10:48:48:

In Reply to: I honestly don't know that they would experience a change in spirituality so much posted by Estelle on October 10, 2010 at 18:53:35:

: as they are already spiritual creatures who already do what they're supposed to do. Biblically speaking, every creature already praises God, humanity is the only creature who has to be "made" to do so b/c of the sin in the garden of Eden--they became aware of good and evil, rather than being creatures who remained in the original spiritual state. This is why there is a spiritual "rebirth" according to Jesus Christ, to bring us back to His spiritual awareness (speaking as a Christian only, not speaking of other religions/faiths/beliefs, etc).

: Like Rachael, I've met very few animals who did not express "opinion", emotion or love. I am amused at people who say (including my daddy) that animals are basically stupid creatures incapable of doing anything other than what they're trained to do. Uh huh...riiiiiiiight. So why is it that Peter (my cat) set out to annoy him by getting on the corner of the bed to greet him when he came home from work (after being repeatedly "told" to stay off the bed)? Why did CiCi (mom's dog) nuzzle him when he was upset while Mom was in the hospital? Why did Lucky whine when he couldn't find his sleepy toy and was quiet when he did? Why did squirrels chatter at him while he scattered nuts at them? Why did Kitty rub on T13's leg so fiercely when he was little b/c he was near poisonous bushes? Animals know far more than we ever can, I'm convinced of that.
: We've had 2 specific instances in which CiCi became violently protective of my mom. CiCi was a barky dog, but the quality of those particular barks were extremely vicious~~she was a min Am Eskimo who sounded like a Great Dane, I'm SERIOUS. She knew something of the man, and again of a woman, that must've been potentially harmful to Mom and my sister, and Mom simply rescheduled the appts, requesting different representatives.

: I DO believe that we are to have dominion over the animals, as was directed by God in Genesis, but "dominion" and "authority" do NOT always mean "abuse." I see dominion/authority/ control much like we parents need to control/have authority/have dominion over our homes and the people in it. We care for our children, we protect them, we provide for them, and when they are out of line, we discipline/correct them. I believe that is what God had in mind when He instructed us to have dominion over the animals. Man, in his finite "wisdom", in some areas have abused that authority. However, I don't believe that we are to bend over backwards to protect animals at the cost of human livelihood or home.

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