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Hi Easyrider. :) sm

Posted by Estelle on October 07, 2010 at 22:18:22:

In Reply to: Am I being too sensitive? ... sm posted by Easyrider on October 07, 2010 at 11:49:58:

Short answers....
No, you are NOT being "too sensitive" here.
Is he INsensitive here? Yes. Does he mean to be? I honestly don't believe he does, but only he can really know for sure, and even then, does he really know?
Should your daughter "side" with her husband on this issue? Perhaps for the sake of "unity" within that particular marriage, yes. A husband and wife should be as one family unit.

Looooong novel version, lol....
Faith, spirituality, even religion, are deeply personal matters. These are polarizing beliefs, which either really attract those of like mind, or they really repel those of unlike mind.
No one can take those convictions from you, Easyrider. No one. You have those beliefs and convictions for a reason; be it experience, be it understanding, be it appreciation, be it anything that led you to those beliefs and convictions~~NO ONE can take them from you. You cannot transfer your beliefs to someone else...Lord knows I'd LOVE to have others experience the same joy, peace, and blessings that I've experienced through my walk with my Lord. I'd rather they didn't experienced my trials, tribulations, struggles, setbacks, etc, which got me to this point, but if my experience helps someone else in some way, I'm usually quick to share it.

It hurts to have your beliefs thrown back in your face. It hurts to be mocked for your beliefs. It hurts to basically be told to shut up about your beliefs (this goes for anyone practicing any religion, not just any one in particular). It hurts to have someone appear to devalue your faith. No matter what they do, or try to do, tho, they CAN'T. Remember "If God be for us, who can be against us?"
Remember that Jesus was sharply criticized by "religious" Jews in His day for what He taught! He was demonized in every since of the word. What was His response to those who mocked Him while He hung on the cross? "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."

I believe God can help you forgive your son-in-law. This may indeed be your lesson regarding putting forth pearls (your personal Biblical treasure, revelations, wisdom, joy, etc) before swine (those who do not share your beliefs). Perhaps it would be helpful if you backed off on your verbal conversations with him about the Bible, Christianity, etc, and let God's Love work on him through you, starting with (perhaps) unspoken but felt forgiveness. Obviously, keep him and your daughter in prayer. WHEN he's ready to ask questions, you'll know when to give answers.

Your son-in-law, and perhaps your daughter, too, do not (maybe "can not") understand that Christianity is not "only" about your eternal choice for when you die. Since he does not believe that the the Bible is the Word of God (as you and I believe it to be), he cannot understand that the Bible is our instruction for how to LIVE on this earth with our fellow man, especially once we've made our eternal decision to have Jesus as our Saviour and, more importantly, Lord. One of the main reasons it's extremely difficult for nonChristians to grasp that concept is because the "logic" behind the Bible runs soooooo contrary to the way mankind lives/thinks/acts/feels/etc in this day and age. Many believe the Bible is dead, that there is no "modern" wisdom in it b/c they believe it's outdated (among a thousand other reasons which have been covered on this board before). You and I happen to believe that the Bible is very much alive and well, and able to instruct us in every day life w/ amazing results. There is nothing to "rationalize" in our lives. Jesus is our Friend who is with us, loving each one of us as we would love our spouses, children, friends, and the rest of our neighbors.

The Bible indeed warns against "jesting when it's inconvenient" and in Proverbs the foolishness of someone "merely in sport" (joking/kidding around, usually in an unseemly/hurtful manner). It would be nice if he was convicted of hurting your feelings regarding your beliefs, but try to be the first in your heart to forgive him. This may take some time and maturity on his part to learn.

If you made it this far, please know that I am praying for your heart to be at peace, and that you are able to let go of the hurt he has inflicted upon your heart. {{{ER}}}

ps~~just out of curiosity, what ARE you studying??
our pastor just announced this past Sunday that our annual topic will be about being full of faith, or "Faith Full." I'm really enjoying the last few church focuses that I've attended these last 3 years. This will be the 4th one, and I can't wait. : )
right now, our Bible study is about how to be wise according to Proverbs.

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