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Am I being too sensitive? ... sm

Posted by Easyrider on October 07, 2010 at 11:49:58:

My DSIL was raised in a Christian home but as an adult has decided there is no proof of God or that the Bible is the Word of God so he doesn't believe any of it, although he does seem to believe in a higher force. Fine. He knows I believe in God, that the Bible is the Word of God, and that Jesus is God's son. We used to have quiet discussions about these things. Things have changed.

Over the past couple of months, I have started going back to church and even joined a small group at church that meets once a week. Now anytime I mention anything about our studies or God, the discussion turns bad. Last night after our meeting, I was telling my DD about the new line of study we began last night, and he worked his way into the conversation. He ended up telling me that I'm "about to die" so I'm just trying to rationalize all my actions throughout my life now. He laughed when he said it. I left the room.

This morning I told DD that DSIL hurt my feelings when he said that. She said he was only joking because he laughed when he said it. I told her that my religion is not a joke to me and that what he said was insulting, not a joke. Then my DD and I had a heated discussion about it, and now I'm sitting here crying because she took his side.

You just don't joke about someone's religion, and you surely don't joke with someone and say that I'm only trying to get right with God because "I'm dying." Please. He acted like it was a joke, but I really think he meant it. It really hurt me. Am I overreacting? Should I let it go as a joke?

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