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From THIS BAC's POV, it's NOT the fossils themselves that some

Posted by Estelle on August 15, 2010 at 23:53:51:

In Reply to: I guess I'm just not understanding. Where is fossil evidence ignored and discounted and for what? posted by I think there are many different scientific thoughts regarding global warming. Rachael sm on August 15, 2010 at 14:29:45:

Christians vehemenently discount. It's the AGING method used to determine how old these fossils are. The fossils of animals we don't see anymore are all over the world. The Bible talks about creatures that are monstrous, huge, some even fire-breathing (like dragons and sea serpents). I have read studies in which the aging methods used (carbon dating especially) can be misread b/c they are accouting for years and not seasons. Some things aged some thousand years ago "read" the same way as something aged only a few months ago. This is just one example off the top of my head. I know there are other dating methods used to give an average date of any given thing, but I still think that calibration can be a human error.

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