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It's pretty typical, actually. Surprising, considering the evidence

Posted by to the contrary, but you ask a BAC how old they think the earth is.... ;+) S on August 15, 2010 at 19:06:51:

In Reply to: That is very interesting, but I still think you are talking about a form of posted by "Christian extremists" and not necessarily BAC or mainstream Christianity. IMO. R on August 15, 2010 at 15:52:35:

: : On the side bar there are some interesting links, too- and if you just google
: : "fossil evidence controversy" you get some stuff on Lucy, debates, etc...it's kinda interesting.

: : At my "worst," lol, I leaned reluctantly toward being an "old earth creationist," with much reservation. I tended to insist on being too pantheistic/animistic to actually buy into it, but liked the story-telling aspect of it all. I worked with John & Henry Morris at the Institute for Creation Research back in the day in CA, and so am extremely well-versed in all things creationistic, to the point of nausea, LOL.

: : Thus, I'm able to assess that I'm rather broad-minded about it all, can appreciate what others believe without buying into it. Hopefully, my disputing things doesn't fall too often into actually derisiveness...When it does, I need to make my apologies. ;+)

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