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Hi R- I listed a few things in the initial question. Why is (sm)

Posted by Shawn on August 15, 2010 at 14:01:14:

In Reply to: Can you give an example? All I know is that if one has faith in whatever, what they see posted by before them isn't necessary, but is there something specific you are talking about? Rachael sm on August 15, 2010 at 08:14:13:

fossil evidence ignored and discounted? Why is global warming pooh-poohed (look at the weather, the melting ice in the north, threatening entire species and changing the environment), why are the human rights of individuals who think differently and have other ideas about spiritual and mystic matters condemned and judged?

These things can be observed and measured. One can actually take a measuring device and see that there is less density and thickness than there was before. Satellite images and scientific documentation reveals that the world is changing (as I said before, ask the polar bears- they'll tell you) and it's having an impact on us. Meteorologists can verify that we are experiencing vast changes on our planet....

But *they* will tell ya......

"Oh! But there's gonna be a *new heaven* and a *new earth*,boyhowdy! Let's just get on with it, hasten the day by squandering our resources and use it up as quickly as possible-- even so, come Lord Jesus!!"


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