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Bcuz their belive is based on faith - which can't be seen. Takes no faith to believe

Posted by what you can see, but you have to have faith to believe what you can't. on August 10, 2010 at 21:06:21:

In Reply to: Why would that be a bad thing? Makes no sense to me. posted by nm on August 10, 2010 at 18:47:04:

: : : This is somewhat inflammatory, but that's all right- we can douse the flames if it gets too hot, LOL.

: : : I thought you might be one of several posters who might answer a question or two-- Down below we were talking about how one relates, in your case, to God--
: : : Which caused my meandering mind to wander over to a comment Anne Rice had made about Christians and their disregard/disbelief of science--I've seen that ramped up to a 'fear' level in others.

: : : What is it that causes a Christian, someone who believes in the Bible, to disregard and attempt to refute scientific evidence that is able to be proven and documented.

: : : Why do you think there are so many fundamentalist Bible believers so typically:
: : :
: : : 1. Anti-science
: : : 2. Anti-environmentalist
: : : 3. Anti-ecumenical
: : : 4. Anti-democrat/liberal

: : : I'm actually going somewhere with this and thought I'd run it by here to see what you and possibly others would have to share.

: : : What I'm seeing is that so many of the fundamentalist/Christian persuasion refuse to open their eyes or broaden their perspective to include irrefutable absolutes, as though it is a bad thing to believe in what is before their very eyes...

: : : ....in my somewhat argumentative opinion, lol.

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