The national and global economy has been experiencing change and, for the moment, not for the better. Many of us are facing financial effects of loss in employment, homes, vehicles and, in some cases, our dreams. Many of us are uninsured. Many of us are having to decide between crucial priorities~~food, medicine, gas in the vehicle to get to work, house payment, utility bills, etc. Many of us are playing Paycheck Roulette, robbing Peter to pay Paul. The good news is that many of us have found ways to regain our financial and economic ground! We want to share with you what has worked, what is working, and maybe brainstorm some ideas that just might work for you from alerting you to programs to menu budgeting to getting the most out of what you have. Below is our message board. Please feel free to post your vents, your frustrations, your testimony, and your solutions. Feel free to email us if you need a helping hand and don't wish to post your email address.

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