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Re: some suggestions of great females

Posted by on October 14, 2011 at 22:04:23:

In Reply to: some suggestions of great females posted by Etain on May 29, 2011 at 14:22:54:


I think there's another heroine you must add, and that heroine is Beans from Rango. She's beautiful, even for a lizard, and her sweet yet firm Southern accent and strong will make her an amazing leading lady. Plus, her bravest moment is when she refuses to give up her father's ranch.

My top 10 favorite Beans quotes:

10: "Someone is dumping water in the desert. I've seen it with my own eyes?"

9: (when she cries out behind her gag)

8: "Sheriff, this isn't a social call."

7: "I came here to save my land, not sell it!"

6: "My daddy was not a burden!"

5: "Get your slimy webbed phalanges off my boots!"

4: "So, you gonna die out here, or do you want a ride into town?"

3: "It's a defense mechanism. Actually, lots of lizards have it."

2: "What are you involved in?"

1: "I'm trying to save my daddy's ranch, which is on the verge of an agricultural meltdown, while you're playing patty-cake with this here trollop!"

There are a few goos ones that would be great to see:
: Melisande-the flight of the dragons
: Danielle-Flight of the dragons
: Amalthea- last unicorn
: Anna-the King and I
: Tuptim-the king and I
: Daria-Princess and the Pea
: Jimena-el cid, the legend
: aisling-secret of the kells
: giselle-enchanted
: honor-guliver's travels
: Zelia-singing princess/rose of baghdad

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