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Re: In a Word (Heroines that didn't make it on the list)

Posted by Isaac on August 26, 2008 at 14:23:40:

In Reply to: In a Word (Heroines that didn't make it on the list) posted by Jenn on June 15, 2008 at 14:12:27:

: I know that the page will not be updated anymore, but when I was reading some of the analyses, I ended up creating some of my own and wanted to share.

: Lani Aliikai (Surf's Up)-"Surfer"-Lani is the Pen Gu lifeguard who watches over all of the surfers for the Big Z memorial Surf Off, and she catches Cody’s eye. She is always carrying around a red sea squid which resembles a lifeguard rescue tube.

: Giselle(Enchanted)-"Innocent"-as an animated character, Giselle is very optimistic and has very simple desires. When she becomes a real person, she matures, but still keeps her innocent optimism.

: Little Miss Helpful(The Mr. Men Show)-"Helpful"-Little Miss Helpful tries to help everyone but ends up making everything worse. She tries to tie Mr. Tall's shoelaces, but she ends up tying both shoes together. Then she tries to help Mr. Happy when he is sick, and getting the cleaning supplies, but her head was stuck in the bucket, and got tripped in the refrigerator. Mr. Happy tries to pull the bucket out of Miss Helpful's head, but sends flying into the lake.

: Mrs. Brisby(The Secret of NIMH)-"Brave"-This single mother and country mouse faced a cat, an owl, and mysterious rats for the sake of her sick son and the safety of her family!

: Chihiro(Spirited Away)-"Persevering"-She begins as a spoiled sullen brat and gradually matures and helps her parents and Haku. Another transitional character.

: Sally(The Nightmare Before Christmas)-"Perceptive/Insightful"-She is the only one of the Halloween Town denizens that understood Jack's feelings and realized that his ambitions were more harmful than wonderful.

: Sally Carerra(Cars)-"Romantic"-She is in love with the natural beauty of a valley and a small town.

: AnneMarie(All Dogs Go to Heaven)-"Wishful"-She wants a mother and father to love more than anything else.

: Victoria Everglot(the Corpse Bride)-"Modest"-She contrasts greatly with her stuffy parents by her more endearing nature and with Emily by her more discreet and quiet manners. Her desires are not grand. She wants a person she can genuinely love.

: Mildred(Meet the Robinsons)-"Compassionate"-She supports Lewis after his disasters with potential adoptive parents and does her best to be a constant and nurturing figure for him and Goob. She even makes an important point that children become orphans not because parents are callous, but that some parents simply can't take care of them. She is the one to point out to Lewis that there are things that need to be let go of in order to move foward.

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