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Re: Best Rolemodel?

Posted by Happy5482 on May 20, 2008 at 16:05:21:

In Reply to: Re: Best Rolemodel? posted by Alea on April 18, 2008 at 08:26:26:

Oooooh.....another tough question. I believe ALL role model heroines can come from any animated/general heroine, depending on who inspires who.

As mentioned, Snow White is my favorite and someone I look up to because she taught me how to treat others kindly and believe in dreams to come true when the time is right.

Mulan for her courageous spirit and heart and her motto "My duty is to my heart" and giving inspiration to girls and women to find their own courage since we are all brave in our own ways.

Belle for her witty spirit and her beauty within her heart. Her name matches her both outside and in. All names have important meanings. Take the name Ginger (from Chicken Run), the name is a spice and a person with that name can have some spice inside her. If you think about it and think about your names as well, you can look for the real beauty of it and yourself like Belle.

Jasmine, for her belief in love and adventure; she's a good model for girls and women who long for excitement in life and Jasmine's loyalty of her own spirit proves that anyone can do the same thing.

And I agree with the other lists of names here like Esmeralda, Meg, etc. I could go on forever about my reasons for other heroines as role models but that will be it for now.

I will say that for general films I believe that Natalie, Alex and Dylan from "Charlie's Angels", Mo'Nique from "PHAT GIRLZ" and Queen Latifah from "Mad Money" are great role models as well.

In Charlie's Angels each girl conquers their own inner fear - Dylan's past haunting her but she confronts it by returning and fighting it, Alex's fear of her job being exposed but knows now its nothing to dread over since there are more important things to worry about and Natalie overcomes her hurt of her favorite Angel, Madison Lee, being a villain but learns models can come from anyone and anywhere and you learn from mistakes. These girls can set examples to girls and women to facing ones fears and finding courage.

Mo'Nique and Queen Latifah are also good role models for girls and women because they make awareness of plus size people, especially women and girls. These two aren't ashamed to be plus size and their example can help others out.

And lastly, Natalie Gregory from the 1985 film Alice in Wonderland Part 1 and 2 is a good role model because the movie shows and explains ALOT of things like conquering fears, growing up and enjoying life and childhood one day at a time and knowing we are young and are a child inside as we grow older.


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