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Aria's Fan Page

Posted by on January 19, 2008 at 14:44:58:

I'm so inspired by the pages, I came up with one for a heroine I created.

Name: Aria
Story: Fire and Water

Aria - the petite blonde water maipulator is a mixture of Belle, Eilonwy and Kiara. Aria has intelligence, gentleness, and a subtle wit. Like Eilowny, Aria is a strong willed, sarcastic princess. She has a strong sense of spirit that make brave enough to venture alone into the forbidden forest, and she is not a "damsel in distress". I love her straight blond hair, her large gray eyes and her costumes were wonderful, ranging from her blue princess gown, casual silk top and skirt, which is feminine and gypsy without being skanky, and her green skirt/black cami combo. I love her voice - it's flowing and sweet, like a brook. Aria in a word is "Gifted".

Top 10 Quotes
10. "I came back because I love you!"
9. "Tanken, you're primeval."
8. "Lucky guess."
7. "It matches my personality."
6. "Five kids? Or five dogs?"
5. "Come ON water! Work with me here!"
4. "You wouldn't hit royalty, would you?"
3. "I donít care what I look like. Iím not looking for anyoneís approval. I know who I am . . ."
2. "Was that hard at all?"
1. "For your information, I used herbs. Fragrant herbs, to be exact."

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