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In Reply to: Contest winner! posted by Belle83210 on August 10, 2005 at 22:47:11:

: Forgive the lack of formatting...

: MysticMeg won the fanfic contest!! Here is her story!

: By: Megan Hoffer
: A Disney?s Aladdin Fanfiction Story
: The sun started up above the wondrous city of Agrabah. It lit up the homes, and showed that it was the start of the day. Some people groaned at the beginning of a day?s work, but in the palace there was someone who couldn?t wait until she could start the new day.
: Princess Jasmine was sleeping peacefully in her large bed in her grand palace bedroom. The sun made a small stream of light through the partially closed curtains and it lit up her face. Jasmine stirred a bit, and then her large brown eyes shot open. She sat up quickly, and smiled. ?It?s today!? She exclaimed as she fell out of the bed and over to her small vanity. She examined herself in the mirror. Her long raven hair was clean, but it was hanging in strings all over her face. She picked up a brush and began to straighten it out. She liked having it down, but then something caught her attention.
: It was a picture of her mother. She smiled at the picture. She was always told she looked just like her mother, but today was the day she truly began to believe it. She saw how her mother had her own hair done. A long, low-lying ponytail held with two bands. Her large crown fit perfectly on her long dark hair.
: Jasmine wanted to look like her mother. She wanted to be her mother, especially on this special day. She went to put the bands in her hair, but she stopped. She looked down at her nightgown and gasped. ?I have to get dressed!? She went over to her wardrobe and swung it open. She looked at the door and realized that her servants had already picked out her outfit for the day. She sighed, but she realized it was just as good as anything that she could have picked out herself. It was a long harem pants outfit. It was a nice light purple, and the shirt was a long tank-top. Jasmine pulled it out and immediately put it on. She admired herself in the mirror. ?I look so grown up,? she whispered to herself. Jasmine quickly put the color-coordinated bands in her hair, in the same style as her mother?s. She looked at the crown that was lying nicely on her vanity uprise. Her father had just given it to her at the royal banquet the other night. He finally thought her ready to wear it as a symbol of the princess that she was. She picked it up and examined it again. It was so pretty, the sparkling green and blue jewel incrusted in the gold band. There were a couple bands to choose from to attach so that it would fit on her head. She decided on the purple that best matched her outfit. She looked at herself again in the mirror and was so happy with how grown up she looked.
: ?Jewelry,? she whispered. She looked at the vast amount of jewelry to choose from, but she knew that it was no contest. She picked up a small pair of gold earrings and placed them in her ears. Finding the necklace with the small purple jewel to match, she placed it on her neck. She picked up some lip gloss and swiped it across her lips. ?Finally,? Jasmine exclaimed, ?I?m ready.?
: As if on cue, the doors opened and a servant walked in. She looked at the young princess sitting at her vanity and smiled. ?Oh, Princess Jasmine, you look just as lovely as your mother.?
: Jasmine beamed and thanked her. ?Is my father ready for me.?
: ?Yes my dear, and so is the prince.?
: ?Can you believe it? He?s my first suitor. My first chance at real love!? Jasmine said excitedly.
: The servant smiled warmly, ?Don?t get to worked up dear. You have time.?
: Jasmine dismissed the comment and headed out of the door after checking herself in the mirror one last time. ?I?m ready? she thought and she headed down the hallway.
: *~*~*~*~*~*
: Jasmine peered into the banquet hall her father was awaiting her in. She tried to make out the details from behind the sheer curtains, but she couldn?t. She could see the two men, but other than that it was a blur. She took a large breath and headed into the hall, her heart beating faster and faster as she got closer and closer to the table. Once she got there, her father?s face lightened up.
: ?Oh, Jasmine, you?ve made it,? the graying man exclaimed. ?How wonderful!?
: Jasmine smiled, ?Good morning father.?
: The sultan motioned for her to sit in the chair to his left. Jasmine sat down, and now got a good look at the visitor she had been waiting for weeks to meet.
: He was older than Jasmine. Probably five years older, maybe more. He had dark brown hair and a tan complexion. His eyes were a dark forest green, but they seemed cold. They seemed distant; he didn?t seem nice.
: ?Jasmine, this is Prince Hakene,? the sultan took his daughter?s hand. ?Prince Hakene, this is my daughter, Princess Jasmine.?
: Prince Hakene smiled, and stared right at her. ?Good morning your highness.?
: Jasmine nodded, ?Thank you.?
: ?Now, as we were talking,? Jasmine?s father started, ?you said that you are looking for a new alliance between Agrabah and Klian, your kingdom.?
: Prince Hakene cleared her throat, and swallowed a bite of his food. ?Yes,? he started, ?and I believe that a marriage between me and your lovely daughter would be the perfect opportunity to bring our countries together.?
: ?What?? Jasmine thought. ?He doesn?t want me to love, he wants to use me to get something for himself. But I thought-?
: ?Now, Prince Hakene, there has to be other reasons for you to want to marry my daughter,? the sultan coaxed, seeing the shocked look on Jasmine?s face. Jasmine seemed anxious for his answers.
: ?Of course there is,? Prince Hakene replied.
: ?Good, he had me worried there for a moment,? Jasmine thought.
: ?Of course I will need a wife to produce an heir,? Hakene finished.
: Jasmine gasped, ?Is that it??
: Prince Hakene looked taken back, ?Excuse me??
: ?Is that all you want to use me for? To give you a son and to join your country??
: Prince Hakene looked over at the sultan, ?Have you taught your daughter that it is alright to speak in a man?s presence so rudely??
: The sultan smiled and looked at Jasmine, ?Well, you know thirteen year olds. They are fiery.?
: Jasmine didn?t take her eyes off the prince, ?Answer my question.?
: ?What else do you want me to say, young princess?? Hakene answered.
: Jasmine was fuming, ?I want you to say the word ?love? for once, how about that?!?
: ?Love of course will be a factor. We?ll come to love each other, I hope.?
: ?No,? Jasmine spat. ?Love needs to be the main factor. Love needs to be the primary reason. Not negotiations, or a vessel to produce an heir.?
: ?Jasmine, dearest,? the sultan began.
: ?Father, I don?t believe that this will work,? Jasmine growled, not taking her eyes off the prince. She sat up roughly, and stormed quickly out of the room.
: Prince Hakene looked after, obviously stunned. ?Well, what do we do now??
: ?I?m sorry Prince Hakene,? the sultan started, ?but my daughter does have the final decision.?
: ?You mean that you are going to let your daughter run her own life. She is the future of your kingdom!?
: The sultan laughed, ?I know. But there is so much time. She?s got nearly three years until she needs to have made her decision. I trust her, I?m sorry.?
: Prince Hakene huffed and sat up. He bowed quickly and then he also stormed out of the room.
: The sultan smiled a bit, ?I just hope that this gets easier,? he whispered.
: *~*~*~*~*~*
: Jasmine slammed open the door and then slammed it shut. She ran to her bed and threw herself down. Then, the tears came. She tried to hold them back, but they stung her eyes, and she let them come.
: ?This isn?t how it was supposed to be!? Jasmine thought. ?Mother always told me that when I got to this point that I would find love and happiness. She never said anything about being hurt! She never said anything about being treated as a prize. I?m not a prize! I?m a human being!?
: Jasmine went over to the vanity and looked at herself. She then looked at the picture of her mother on the vanity. She picked it up and some tears fell on it. She quickly wiped them away, and put the picture down. She took out her earrings and unclasped her necklace.
: ?I want to make you proud mamma,? she thought, ?but I can?t marry someone unless I know that it is for love. I hope you can understand. I?m sorry that I let you down.?
: She got up and took the picture to her bed. She pulled out a small chest from underneath her bed and opened it. She gently put the picture into the chest and shut the gold lid. ?I will let you know when I?ve found my happiness,? she thought to herself. She pushed the chest back under her bed, where it would stay for another five years.
: Jasmine got back up and went over to her vanity. ?There?s no reason I can?t look grown up, however.? She said. And she fixed her hair once again and walked out onto her balcony.
: Her pet tiger, Rajah, was waiting for her. Jasmine sat down next to him and put her head on his long torso. ?Oh Rajah, we?ve got a long time ahead of us,? she told her only friend. ?Better get ready.?
: Rajah growled, and Jasmine laughed. ?Oh, you know I?ll need your help.?
: Rajah purred, happy to know that his young mistress needed him.
: Jasmine sighed, ?I will find happiness one day Rajah. And I will marry for love. And any suitor, who treats me as an object, just will not do. I don?t care if I have to wait until the day of my 16th birthday. I will wait for love.?
: *~*~*~*~*~*
: And so Jasmine kept to her personal vow. And she did ward off any suitors who treated her as a prize. And she did keep her free spirit and fiery attitude. And in the end, it got her just what she always wanted. Her happy ending.

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