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Re: My views

Posted by RossP on Tue, Aug 30 2022 at 05:11 AM CDT:

In Reply to: My views posted by Brian Marjoram on Mon, Aug 29 2022 at 01:12 PM CDT:

Well Mr Marjoram, you say that you have no formal standing in the RSA, yet in another breath, you crow about how you instigated the ‘cease and desist’ nasty piece of work in the message sent out to all. It just shows the underhanded way the RSA behave.

You believe that it’s right and proper for non serving people to wear the Regimental regalia because the RSA has said so! We veterans say that it’s completely improper. If we wore Police uniforms, we would have the law chasing us.
Many of us RSX veterans think that Les Deacon was right to publish that photo of a young chap wearing RSX regalia. You say, that you “do not have a problem with that” however, the veterans believe it’s horrendous, we believe it’s totally wrong and improper. Being a Standard Bearer is just an excuse that you trot out, they could wear a suit, beret, (without a badge) and a sash in RSX colours. You can only dupe the public for a short period, in time they will protest. Also, you are wrong about non veteran marching in veterans parades. When, I with other RSX veterans, marching in the St George’s Day parade there were plenty of non veterans marching in the parade. One veteran wrote “Don’t these people feel shame, when the public started clapping the veterans” he is right to bring that to the attention of all.

If the hierarchy, of this Association wants to pack it in, good, perhaps we then could have an association that treats RSX veterans with respect. All we have ever wanted, is for civilian members to wear some other regalia other than the regalia the RSX veterans wear. The Association is wrong not to explore the possibility of this happening, rules can be changed.
The veterans have served the Regiment in war and through many conflicts that they had to endure. What have the non veterans done, apart from paying their subs?

If you want to resign your ‘non formal’ post in the RSA, go ahead, perhaps the threats to the veterans may then stop. Hopefully, the Surrey Queens association would welcome you with open arms.

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