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The facts on money and Jonah

Posted by colin rhodes on Sat, Jan 26 2019 at 07:45 AM CST:

I am not interested in the politics of things regarding Jonahs situation I just want to maintain the harmony of this site so I am posting the facts on the money side of things

I am sure you have been following the site in respect to Bob Jones and the saga in respect to Tony attempting to raise money for Bob Jonas in his proposed move from Falmouth to Chichester. Tony initially stated he wanted to raise 2900. He raised this sum with one telephone call and an email to the Queens and the Royal Sussex Association. This was how:

He myself pledged 1000 and another pledged the other 1000. he then asked the two regimental association to pledge 450 each which the Queens association did not too sure about the Royal Sussex association. Alasdair Goulden assured Tony that 450 would be transferred to Chichester Branch, which I believe did happen.

In real terms there was no money raised. Tony did however pay 700 to the landlord of the flat Bob was going to move into as a holding deposit. That is the only money, no money that was used except for the two payments of 450 into the Chichester Branch from the Queens and Royal Sussex Associations.

If any one was likely to have been out of pocket it would have been Tony. However the landlord returned the 700 deposit direct to him last week.Tony had already given Bob 250 and brought him a new computer to enable him to maintain the site while he was living in Falmouth. .

As already stated, there was in real terms no money raised expect for what Tony gave as a holding deposit on a flat for Bob and the two associations paying into the Chichester branch 450 each that is all.

The sum of 2900 is being said was raised it was not. Tony pledged 1000 and another agreed to match this offer. It was all by word of mouth, there was no money in real terms. Tony paid 700 as a holding deposit for the flat in Chichester, that money has now been returned to him. Hopefully this has explained the situation.

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