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Re: A 'remainers' view

Posted by Garyd on Thu, Jan 10 2019 at 10:28 AM CST:

In Reply to: A 'remainers' view posted by Brian Marjoram on Thu, Jan 10 2019 at 07:19 AM CST:

: OK Iím a Ďremainerí in spite of the fact that I was fed up with the EU. The policies emerging from Brussels were frustrating and seemed to be taking us inexorably towards a closer union or indeed a ĎUnited States of Europeí. I would have been happy if we had stuck with a ĎCommon Market or EEC (European Economic Union).

: What stopped me from voting to leave? Many reasons; the investment by multinational companies in the UK. Nissan, Toyota, Honda to name just a couple. They were attracted to the UK because of its EU membership and access to the single market that guarantees exports to other member states without tariffs. They provide tens of thousands of jobs in deprived areas. Itís very unlikely that they will invest in future development in the UK long term and will probably move out. Many respected business people, economists, head of the Bank of England etc. have warned that leaving will do us no good. These guys know all about how economies work but then you get a bunch of pro-Brexit MPís saying that the economists are talking rubbish, and all will be well. What skills background do these MPís have to support their argument? FA, most of them have never worked outside politics and have absolutely no skills in economics.

: The effect on the care industry and NHS, they are totally reliant on workers from the EU. If they go, and many have already gone, who will replace them? Add to that, farm workers, and other unskilled jobs where thousands of EU workers are employed.

: The leavers will say that we will have more jobs for the Brits. But the reality is that you canít find Brits prepared to fill these low paid unskilled jobs. Increase their wages I hear. OK youíll pay more when you go into a care home or an increase in tax to fund the extra cash needed for the NHS. I donít hear you leavers shouting out for this!

: Leaving the EU will make Britain great again, cloud cuckoo land. I would argue that the great disappeared after WW2 Ė you have chosen to forget the constant strikes, totally inefficient nationalised industries, 3 day weeks, power cuts etc.etc. before we joined the common market.
: In answer to the cry by the leavers ĎIt was the will of the peopleí; the size of the electorate was 46.5M and only 72% cast their vote. In essence, only 37% of the electorate voted to leave and in no way can that be described as the will of the people.

: But above all, I voted to remain because the future lies with our children and grand-children. Letís face it, most of our age group will no longer be around in 10-15 yearsí time. The polls suggest that of those who turned out to vote, 73% of people under 24 voted to remain and 54% of people under 49 voted to remain.

: The whole process was swayed by the fact over 90% of people aged over 65 turned out to vote and 65% of them voted to leave. It wasnít much less for the 50-65-year-olds either.

: If we have another referendum, and for the sake of the country I hope we do, let our children and grandchildren decide on their future and donít let our nostalgic memories of the past get in the way of what they want.

Thank you for your reply.
I recognise your points and agree with them. My son who lives and works in Poland feels the same way.
2 of the guys I play golf feel the same way.
The issues are unduspiuable BUT here again is the question. We had a vote it was to leave agree or disagree with the result WHY are politicians elected politicians NOT accepting the vote

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