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Posted by MM on Thu, Jan 10 2019 at 03:56 AM CST:

In Reply to: Re: As A Point of Interest posted by Garyd on Wed, Jan 09 2019 at 09:04 AM CST:

You say because people wont accept the vote, well I think 'people' do accept the vote, people like you and me. But politicians think they know better. They are using excuses like people didn't vote to make themselves poorer, or unemployed. The wont accept the vote because they don't want us to leave.
In the run up to the referendum Osbourne (and Cameron) told us how bad things would be if we left the EU. Do you remember the claim that we would be in a recession straight away, jobs would go, house prices would drop, considerably and it would cost us all.
The interviewer asked Osbourne why, if there was such a risk of the out come, why had Dave Cameron given the go ahead. Why were they allowing the vote to take place. Osbourne's answer was "WE TRUST THE PEOPLE"
This exercise in the commons has shown us what our MP's are really made of. There are MP's of constituencies that voted out who are remainers and are doing their utmost to force their own will, who want us to remain in.
We, us, know nothing. We do not run this country, they do along with big business. We have a prime minister who is the worst leader going because she can't lead, but she can lie very well. She and her mates are trying to con us all. If they will not accept the vote, then at some point in the near future it will turn round and bite her in the backside.
I try to follow the debates on the parliament channel (freeview 232) as much as possible. It comes across that the excuse is as I said earlier, they think we are going to be poorer and all out of work. Osbournes prediction fell flat as a pancake. It boils down to us not knowing better, they do.

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