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Re: As A Point of Interest

Posted by MM on Wed, Jan 09 2019 at 05:50 AM CST:

In Reply to: Re: As A Point of Interest posted by Garyd on Wed, Jan 09 2019 at 05:14 AM CST:

What ever the result of this debate it will make no difference. I am not a remainder. The result of the vote was close and I suppose that reminers want a 2nd go hoping it will alter the result. I think it would make things worse, no matter what that result would be. In any election or referendum some one has to loose. Because of what is at stake, those who want to stay in the EU are concerned about the outcome for this country. I feel the UK can hold it's head up and we can survive with out the EU. There has been untruths on both sides, but I never believed the 35 million claim in the first place and voted for other reasons. Big business runs this country and it is still trying to do so. Some tory twit claimed on TV this AM that the period for leaving needs to be extended if this deal is rejected to give business chance to get ready. What has big business been doing for the past two years, they knew we were going to leave.
Why they wont accept this vote is beyond me but their behaviour over this deal is their attempt to stop it all together. Mrs May's idea is to push this deal through hence the fuss over this whole vote question. When they have the vote next week, if they do not accept this deal of hers, it will be too late to get another one, so either you MP's accept it or we leave with no deal (and she knows most do not want that so they will have to accept it)
This is really dirty politics but it seems to be the way things are done. What can you expect from people who are running the show and are remainers. There is the matter of the constitutional question too.
They think the UK is doomed without the EU and that we will sink into the abyss.

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