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Re: History in the making.

Posted by Garyd on Wed, Dec 05 2018 at 07:47 AM CST:

In Reply to: History in the making. posted by Tony T on Wed, Dec 05 2018 at 05:46 AM CST:

: I was born in 1943. A War Baby. People say because of my age at the time I would not remember the searchlights of Portsmouth and Southampton searching for German planes bombing the ports, that I could not have remembered the build-up of troops with their tanks, jeeps etc all parked along the hedgerows and well camouflage waiting for the off, D Day. Well I do remember.

: The only item not rationed during the war was bread but, at the end of the war, it was as we had to export the grain to Europe as the people there were starving. Rationing in the UK did not finish until 1953, that was coronation year, remember. We as a country were on the very edge of starvation by having to share our rations with Europe. There was no NHS. One would not want to visit a dentist twice in those days.

: Victory in Europe 1945. We along with the Americans defeated the Germans and drove them back and out of France, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Greece. Europe was again free because of our sacrifice and look at them now? Each and every one of the 27 members who make up the European Union are trying to punish us for wanting to take back control of our Boarders and control imagination, control of our monetary system by not having to send billions of pounds weekly to an unelected European government. Out of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) take back control of our waters (CFP) and out of the European Judicial system and make our own rules. To become a Sovereign nation once again.

: And look what has happened? We as a country holds the largest referendum ever known, and the majority voted to leave, never mind the figures, the country voted to leave the European Union. It was a straightforward question put to us all. íDid we as a nation want to remain or leave the European Market.í We now have members of parliament debating the whole issue over a period of five days, WHY? We as a country gave the government strict instructions to leave the European Union. Our Prime Minster obeying this instruction did just that. She got a deal with the EU which everyone said would not happen, but she has a deal. If our members vote down this deal then they should be held to account of not obeying the democrat right that the country voted for and be held in contempt of the people of this country.

: It is a simple as that. All the noise about our food shelves and medicines running dry, scaremongering that is all. The government have taken out evasion action should that happen, but it wonít. Europe needs us more then we need them. On leaving the EU we will continue to trade with them but, also with the rest of the world. Chine the worlds second largest market wanting to trade with us. We will be free to trade with any country in the world and not be shackled to the EU and being told what to do and how to it by these unelected members all riding the gravy train which costs us millions of pounds each week, money we can now spend on the NHS our infrastructure build more homes, more money for the elderly and infirm. Our money we can again have control over how it is spent.

: Next Tuesday 11th December our politicians in simple terms are voting on whether to support our Prime Minister or vote against her. If she is voted down then parliament should be held in contempt of the democratic choice of the people of this country. We voted to leave the EU in 1916 and by doing that we gave our members of parliament strict instructions in accordance with our wishes. If they fail then they must be held to an account. They must not be allowed to get away with it, not this time. Make sure your MP is voting to leave because we told him too.
: TT
What a fantastic post. As soldiers we didnít do politics we served HM. That doesnít mean we didnít care or that we donít have an opinion.
We were in Gib. When we voted for the common market. As I remember the vote was about having free trade with the rest of Europe.
What happened next was an uncontrolled monster that swallowed up everything we hold near and dear.
I voted to leave not because Iím anti Europe persay but because I felt buarocrats not politicians were ruling us.
Digby Jones who was at the time president of the CBI said. Europe is like standing in a boat with one foot in the boat and the other on shore and the boat is drifting to sea and you canít control it.
My son lives and works in Europe so I was concerned about EU nationals etc but still voted to leave.
What frightens me know more than becshir at in Belfast and Aden and Zimbabwe what really scares me know is if the elected members donít do what we voted for. We get the other party in. God help us then

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