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Re: Message for the Col.

Posted by Garyd on Sat, Oct 27 2018 at 11:00 AM CDT:

In Reply to: Re: Message for the Col. posted by Colonel RM Arnold on Sat, Oct 27 2018 at 10:17 AM CDT:

: : Nice to see youíve popped up again answering Eddie.
: : Iíve had a pop at alisdair now a pop at you. With respect.
: : In times of crisis people look for advice and guidance from their superiors. You are a very important part of this board and weíve needed you.
: : People are frightened now to comment on this site in case theyíre the next one to get a letter. There are 2 ways you get a letter 1 is if someone puts your name forward and obviously someone has suggested to the enquiry certain names. Iíve had the letter Iíve seen the questions and a simple sorry I canít remember. Does the job.
: : The confusion is that alisdaire came late to the party offering Col. Powell this is after people were told to contact the mod.
: : Others are frightened now to use this site in case someone is monitoring it and getting names from it.
: : In times of crisis we need a steady hand we need you to step up and do Your thing.
: : Itís not to late now for you to calm the nerves and tell everyone to stay calm.
: : We are all civilians now but we still look at our leaders to guide us

: Thank you Garyd and fully understand your concerns. The best advice I've seen on here is from MM - he understands how the system operates and we should heed his word.

: The problem, as you rightly say, has taken its own route through people's imagination and they don't know where to turn. In essence the army needs to sort this out from the C-in-C down, and our lead active service regiment is the PWRR, and Col Powell should provide the advice needed. I've written to him separately to get a grip, and I've also written to the Times as it is a matter that others should be aware of.

: Above all we need to stay calm, don't do anything that's not asked but do do the things that are asked. I don't think this site is being monitored - if it is then it effects every regiment - but most names on here are not easily identified unless you know them - a stranger wouldn't know who you were, so let's put that problem to bed.

Thanks boss
For everyone out there youíve heard the boss.
Nothing to fear start using this site again. Go forth the 35th. Good old Sussex by the sea

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