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Re: Without limits

Posted by MM on Sun, Oct 21 2018 at 04:08 AM CDT:

In Reply to: Re: Without limits posted by John Micallef on Sat, Oct 20 2018 at 09:05 AM CDT:

John you didn't offend me at all. You are quite right, the challenges that some disabled people set themselves deserves recognition and encouragement. The achievements of these people should be highly applauded. Unfortunately there are those in our society who show their ignorance through their mindset.
I don't walk much these days as it can be troublesome for me as well as uncomfortable. Back in the days when I did I used to measure my walking distance by getting from one lamppost to the next one and so on. But thats life and we all get on with it. I'm grateful that I can still maintain my own independence and I fully know there are those far worse off than I.
In Bob's post he describes something that happens far to often. Even to the point where I have a disabled parking bay out side my home. The regimental association paid for it to be put down for me, and I accept that it has to be available for all disabled drivers to use. It's nothing to come home and find a delivery van parked in it. The last time it was a 9 tun truck delivering a washing machine. When the driver came out he was wheeling a sack barrow which he had used to 'transport' the washing machine in to the building.
He took a stroppy line when I pointed out that he was in a disabled bay and that he could have parked up across the road, that he had a barrow for the machine and could have parked any where except THERE.
He fronted up and we were nose to nose, literary, and it was only when some of my neighbours joined in that he backed off. He showed no consideration for others at all.
No don't worry, your post was anything but offensive.

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