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Re: Without limits

Posted by MM on Sat, Oct 20 2018 at 03:14 AM CDT:

In Reply to: Re: Without limits posted by John Micallef on Fri, Oct 19 2018 at 05:07 AM CDT:

Please don't get me wrong but this sort of programme or thinking can have a negative effect on those with disabilities. Whilst most of us will look at this sort of programme and have a mind of thinking that it shows incredible strength of character and determination of those suffering some sort of disability, not just those who undertake the challenges set out before them (as in this programme) or in every day living there are those who view it differently.
I have undergone assessments to determine levels of disability and at times the fact that someone without legs can do what has been seen here tends to make those who want to be 'blind' to the conditions effecting others will employ this, their knowledge to that end. In other words the thinking can be, and often is, ' you can get by without that limb quiet adequately' . Even so far as leading to discrimination which boils over in to other fields. There is now a 'disability hate' idealism which leads to the believe that disabled people are targets for hate crime.
Whilst my own disability is in no way on the same level, and I see the challenge faced by these strong characters it does tend to put those who are disabled in a different light.
Soon we will see the Invictus Games again. It will make most able bodied believe that disabled people can run without any problems.
Yes John it is amazing what a man with no legs can do as in this case, but others may well think that all legless people are capable.
It comes down to ignorance.

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