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Re: Being looked after

Posted by Tony T on Mon, Jan 29 2018 at 05:37 AM CST:

In Reply to: Re: Being looked after posted by Gary d on Sun, Jan 28 2018 at 06:15 AM CST:

Spot on Gary. It has been this way since the RBL introduced County Field Officers. The County Field Officer for East Sussex is/was well known to us all. A case I was dealing with as a caseworker: this person challenged all that I put in front of him, had it not been for my insistent this applicantís needs would not have been met. Corner me anybody and I will name the person not to embarrass him but to prove my point

Ross, you quite rightly support Brianís post-SSAFA do not make grants. To be honest, Paul would get a far better response by going to the local Citizen Advice they would in Paulís case direct him towards the local Red Cross, they lone wheelchairs.

I am not slagging off the hard and dedication put in as I know Brian and other volunteers working for SSAFA or the RBL they all do a wonderful job. Ten, twenty years back it was much simpler for veterans to seek help and advice from either charity. Both are now centrally controlled where a very close eye is kept on their branches. Request help from either charity and a volunteer will pay you a visit. You will be required to complete a very lengthy application form. You will required to disclose all of your income and where it comes from and all of your savings. If your income and savings are above a certain limit you will get nothing. I believe this bench mark should be raised.

But we need senior officers who have the experience of moving among the higher echelons, what utter rubbish, its all about pure common sense. At County Hall, I met these so-called higher echelons people Brian quotes; Chairman of large companies, Retired Squadron Leaders, Lt Colonels and other titled people who believed it their right because of who they were to be in a position running our country. Did I find it difficult in such a privileged position? Not at all, because of my grassroots I was given chairmanship position on the council which required common sense,

This is my last post on this subject it has had a very good hearing and it is wonderful how many of you have had your say its what the board is all about where one can speak freely knowing your voice will not go unheard


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