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Re: Being looked after

Posted by on Sat, Jan 27 2018 at 06:58 AM CST:

In Reply to: Re: Being looked after posted by Tony T on Fri, Jan 26 2018 at 11:40 AM CST:

: I know only too well the dedication put in by SSAFA and RBL volunteers in raising money for these charities. My wife Gillian was a caseworker for SSAFA for 15 years.

: You make a very important point Brian, pointing out that SSAFA does not make any benevolence payment to veterans or serving personnel. They source the money from other charities combined the funds and make a single payment or grant known as almonisation the funds. Caseworkers are entitled to make claims for travel but these payments have to come from branch funds, not from the charity. All branches are expected to raise funds for such expenses.

: I have on many occasions raised concerns about charities and how much they pay their executives. Oxfam was recently in the press for paying their chief executive £100K + as is the chairman of SSAFA. And it needs to be addressed, the general public give generously for what they believe is going to help a veteran in need and to know their contribution is lining the pocket of a retired Lt General along with other retired senior military personnel and knowing there are veterans living rough on our streets and having to turn to their Regimental Associations for help who rely purely on membership fees.

: The Royal British Legion and SSAFA are intuitions run by the officer corps, jobs for the boys. During Gillianís time as a caseworker right down to its grassroots her chairman was a Lt Colonel, who had been in post for 25 years and when he passed away they shipped in a Lt Commander RN. When I was a caseworker for the RBL covering the whole of Northern and Eastern France for 23 years, financial assistance was at the point of need. I had to attend a course and regular refreshersí regularly but when I discovered how the funds within these organizations are being mishandled and I started to ask questions I was very quickly removed from my post (Chairman Pas de Calais Branch RBL) and in came a Retired Lt Colonel appointed by the central office.

: If I ever pass someone in need I give freely knowing itís going to the right person. Oxfam wonít ever again get my used books and SSAFA and the RBL will get not one penny from me until they clean up their act and help those veteransí where the help is needed.

: I was appointed chairman of a charity when I was a member of the Kent County Council. At my first board meeting I sacked the chief executive who was on £55K this was in 1983. I appointed a replacement on £21K. I as its chairman was paid nothing not even travelling costs. If I can do it so can they.

: TT
Having read your letter I can now see why it has so far taken the RBL something like one and a half months to reply if I can have my second hand wheelchair paid for by the Legion. It must be hard to balance the books when all these ex military men are being paid all that money as wages. It is the volunteers that collect the money which they think is going to the veterans not these blood suckers who already have a military pension plus a state one.
Why are these men being allowed to claim for themselves all this money which is supposed to be destined for the veterans.
I am only complaining about the way the money is spent. Charities destined for military vets should not be paid to civilians as is now happening. I know of several ex pats in Malta who had nothing to do with the forces that have had electrical wheelchairs paid for them. I do not begrudge these people getting the help they need but not at the expense of military personnel. If our aid comes from a collection of charities where does the money for civilians come from I mean there a special charity that chips in for both civilians and military personnel.
Last but by no means least why is nothing being done for the ex military who are living in the streets of England? with all the money being spent on these souped up wages the down and out military can have places to live in paid for by the charities that are paying these extortionate wage to the already rich retired ex military officers.

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