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Re: Being looked after

Posted by on Wed, Jan 24 2018 at 05:04 PM CST:

In Reply to: Being looked after posted by Tony T on Wed, Jan 24 2018 at 06:39 AM CST:

: I thank you John and Ross for your input. Unless we as a whole get across our points nothing will happen. This is an uphill struggle and those as I have stated sit there on these charities purely as voting fodder. I have just written to John Littlejohn and below is my letter. Please feel free to extract anything from it and put pressure on your MP as Ross has asked. Please be vocal we as a group are a powerful force fighting for all veteran's.

: Dear Mr Littlejohn

: My name is Tony Talman. I am 75 years of age and a retired professional soldier living out my days on the South coast of England. I have given a great deal of my time to no avail trying to highlight the huge salaries paid to some of the staff employed by the RBL and SSAFA money given to them in the first place to help veterans in need. The general public has no idea how their millions are wasted on paying staff wages and how tens of thousand's of pounds are given to none military personnel. let me give an example for SSAFA, a military charity these sums I have taken from their 2016/17 accounts:
: To The Royal Opera House, 2205.000 paid to Tony Hall
: Jewish Care 125.000 paid to Jeremy Oppenheim
: National Trust of Scotland 85.000 paid to Robin Pellew

: Why would a military charity be giving money to none military charities? The chairman for SSAFA is a retired Lt General I am a retired Warrant Officer 2. Guess which one of us went to the opera last? I personally made an application to both the SSAFA and the Royal British Legion asking for assistance, I was testing the system they would not have known this. It took the former 10 weeks to make contact with me, I have yet to hear from the latter and I made the application over a year ago. Both these charities are in my opinion not fit for purpose. They have millions of pounds sitting idle in bank accounts.

: We have soldiers who are homeless on the streets on in unsuitable accommodation in need of some TLC. Some who will be because of their own fault but may not. It is to this wide number who I want to see be taken off the streets and looked after as they should be, by either of these two very rich charities playing God with veteran's lives.

: I want these two charities brought to task their accounts publicly audited and explained to the country just what they have been doing with all the money donated over the years. I want to see suitable accommodation being built from the millions these two charities are sitting on. The accommodation when built to be run and organised on military lines and its veterans living in an environment are able to feel safe and secure and be re-educated back into the civilian world and not as they have been in an environment which is hostile.

: I do not have the funds or the clout to put my want to the public. I am hoping for your guidance and the support through your column and with the assistance of the Daily Mail get our veterans off the streets and being looked after as they should be. They have done their duty and they need a banner to march on in recognition of their time served. I fully understand there is no quick solution to this problem but it needs to be address sooner and not later. I thank you kindly for time.

: Yours sincerely
: Tony Talman
Tony, please confirm the figures spent by SAFFA especially to Tony Hall for 2,205,000 before I send a letter to my MP

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