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looking after the veterans

Posted by on Tue, Jan 23 2018 at 01:50 PM CST:

In Reply to: Re: Being looked after 2 posted by Mario on Mon, Jan 22 2018 at 04:39 PM CST:

I read the board this morning on the looking after article's and am not a bit surprized at what is happening in the UK because its going on here in Canada ,,first the Govt tried very hard to cut there benefits one MP even said that (they all new on joining the armed forces that they could get hurt) sitting in his plush office and living off the taxpayer and leaving politics' with a big pension, then the cut back on veterans affairs offices all over the country so there were less places the injured guys and gal could go to get help a lot of the veterans are on the streets being looked after by charities while an immigrant and his family can come to Canada and be housed and receive benefits much larger than Canadian old age pensioners, plus special help and free medical and dental, and the use of social services the veteran gets very little help from the govt ....the Indians over here get better treatment than the veterans, the Indians that live on the reservations live really well, free medical free health free university
pay no taxes, free housing and no VAT ,,, the vet is paying taxes like the rest of us ,, there is a couple of veterans organizations that are now getting the support they deserve and fighting tooth and nail to get the vets what they deserve and there is a new Minister of veterans affairs but don't hold your breath for too many changes its a disgrace how these politicians treat the veterans and its not much better in the United states there is a lot of vets that were not recognized a first by the us Govt, many Vets came down with cancer mainly tank crews as they were handling depleted uranium shells in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars may anyone who says the Vets don't deserve looking after suffer there fate and live like the vets are being forced to live take care brothers and stay safe keep up the good work and write to anyone you think will help Bob b

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