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Lest we Forget

Posted by Tony T on Tue, Jan 23 2018 at 06:43 AM CST:

I will respond here to the post below. To come back in the negative is not helpful at all Dave. ‘There is more to this blog do your research.’ I take your point Mario, but one must never give up. Thanks MM you always come back in the positive.

It is not just a coincidence but jobs for the boys or let me be a bit more clear: Its jobs for the officer corps. If one looks at all the military charities sitting at the top there is always a Lt General or rank equivalent from either the other armed forces. When the RBL had county field officers all were retired Lt Col’s Yes once again jobs for the boys. Take the Victory Services Club eight officers and four WO’s making up a list of its board members. Try and get entry into their running of the charity and they will close ranks making it imposable to speak to anyone. During the Gulf war’s the Victory Services Club were giving free holidays to soldiers. I had been a member for over 30 years paying a yearly subscription and having to pay to stay at the club. I was not going to support the return of soldiers to have a holiday at my expense. It all looks good in the eyes of the general public.

Contacting a member of Parliament, one would think that to be straightforward. I can lobby every Member of Parliament but the only one can official reply to my letters is the MP representing my area. They are not allowed to cross borders when dealing with matters from members of the public. There are many ex military members of parliament. They need to be identified and then lobbied. And if possible arrange to meet them with an appreciation of our idea. (For your eyes only, I do have friends in both houses)

Our brothers who have fallen on hard times need our help in their time of need. How is this help to be delivered to ensure that it reaches those in need? Each and everyone will have complex issues and to be properly screened to ensure these issues are addressed. This is where in our day the officer corps excels with their staff duties training coming to the forth in writing an appreciation from which a commander can plan his operation.

Amalgamate the Royal British Legion and SAFFA and rename it: ’In Flanders Field.’ Or: ’The Poppy Club.’ Combined these two charities have the resources to build at least four temporary accommodation and training centres around the country in taking our soldiers off the streets. Each centre to run on the same lines as an Infantry Battalion in all its make up. Just an idea? Could it work, bloody right it could…………………

I have gone back to my boardroom to seek advice.


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